The Media Has Its Own Agenda in Disguising the Truth


In all of human history, we have seen more than a few people who believe that a news story is an invention of the media and they are there to tell the truth. In fact, journalists every day make this chaotic mess, all day long, on television, radio or in publications and the next day on newspapers and magazines.

I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘fake it until you make it’, but you are missing the point of this article is that news is not fake, just like the news of the day, but news is news. It is not just the opinion of an author, but it is the honest facts that are presented in a clear and concise manner.


There is a difference between the media, which covers many different media (print, broadcast, etc) and the news, which are a single source and therefore, not subject to the many other media and constraints. Therefore, it is the one and only source for the real news.

There are some news agencies that can provide the real news and all the rest are a waste of time. Some reporters just lie, and it makes no sense, especially when there are many other news agencies that cover a lot more. This would be like covering the weather and then covering the stock market in the same day.

There are many things that happen in life that the media will not cover or will overlook and because they will not have the time or resources, they will make the story up and put it on the front page with a headline. That is why many times, there is a lot of talk about what happened and it is just made up or taken out of context.

Now, if you read the real news, you will see that it is always in a clear, concise way. The one thing that you will not see is any kind of media manipulation at all. No one will take out any quotes or even anything, just because it fits into their agenda. Instead, they are simply reporting the facts as they see them.

The truth is that the truth is what the media is afraid of. They want to present their version of the truth in the hopes that it will sway the public, and to a large extent, they are successful. They present a certain version of the news and that is what everyone thinks, so it will be news, but when the media gets the story, they will change it and change the headline, or just change it completely.

News agencies have their own agenda to play on, which will affect how the news gets played out and what is released on TV, Radio and in print. Most often, you get the whole story without any manipulation or hidden agendas. The news is the news, the media’s version of the truth.

The media’s goal is not to help the world, their goal is to present their version of the news, which is the truth. You should be able to see that the media is very important in helping you learn the truth.

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