How Does a QR Code Generator Work?

QR Codes is short for Quick Response Codes and they are very much in vogue today. QR Code is nothing but a barcode that contain two horizontal lines and one vertical line. These are the only two points on a barcode that may be read. They represent 100% pure ‘space’ and have been adopted by the tourism sector for printing information regarding hotel bookings, etc. Generally, people like to use these codes to scan things like credit cards or loyalty cards so as to make entry into a secured area without giving away too much personal information.

The concept of what is a qr code was conceived by someone from NASA. It was later used by the airline industry to print out boarding passes during check-ins. It has now entered the retail and hospitality industries as well. Many hotels today use qr codes for printing promotional or informatory materials about the hotel. For example, a qr code can be seen at the point of check-in to let customers know that a hotel room is available.

Another use of qr codes is in the case of ATM machines where a credit card is swiped. The machine reads the qr codes, which in turn transmits data to a database. Then, depending on the kind of card that is being swiped, certain features like automatic withdrawals or purchases can be enabled. Most qr readers nowadays come with software that can be utilized by any smart phone that has access to the internet.

In order to generate a barcode, one has to draw a line between two arbitrary points. Horizontal lines or barcodes can then be created using the same parameters for creating a barcode. These lines or bars are then encoded using the same parameters that have been used for creating a of code. QR codes are then read by smart devices such as barcode scanners or smartphones that have access to the internet.

There are a variety of applications for qr codes. Some businesses that sell grocery items have been known to implement qr codes so that the cashier could easily scan the code of a particular grocery product and thus know how much that particular grocery product cost from the list on their smart phone. Likewise, hospitals have been known to use qr codes so that patients could easily identify their medical supplies.

Barcode generators are also capable of generating qr codes for different purposes. They have the ability to scan a square that contains one or more zeros. The zeros are connected to a barcode database via a connector cable. Once connected, the generator can scan the database to encode a pattern that has a keyed value. A barcode generator then generates a code pattern that has a certain value associated with it.

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