Acer Monitors Feature Award Winning Designs

A Great Way To Play

Acer has consistently led the industry in the monitor market with its wide range of features, design and technology. The company first entered the computer monitor market with its VA glass technology, offering outstanding quality for both input and output. This has subsequently been followed by other innovative technologies including the world’s first curved screen monitor. Both these technologies were first offered on other models from Acer.

Acer monitors feature award-winning designs, with advanced specs and top performance. Features such as full-motion video gaming, super contrast ratios, and fast response time are among Acer’s strong points. Achieving full motion action resolution, Acer has the distinction of the highest response time on a flat screen monitor. The result is an eye-pleasing viewing experience that makes playing games more enjoyable. It also offers a clearer picture with minimized input lag, making it a good choice for those who like to play video games without having to use extra input devices.

With respect to aesthetics, there is an extensive selection of LED-backlit displays. Some models even include customizable colors, with ten different shades or colors available. These LED-backlit Acer monitors ensure the most accurate display, even in dimly lit areas.

In terms of build quality, all Acer monitors are built to last. High quality materials are used, including tempered steel frames for maximum durability. The monitor stand also features sturdy metal construction to maximize the monitor’s stability. An aluminum plate with textured rubber feet completes the sturdy look of these stylish monitors. All Acer LCD TV monitors are fitted with gold-plated vertical and horizontal switches, giving you ultimate comfort and convenience.

Sound quality is not the only factor to consider when buying an LED-backlit monitor. You should also think about its contrast ratio, viewing angles, color handling abilities and audio output. Some of the best brands like Samsung, LG, ViewSonic and Sony put emphasis on high contrast ratio while others like LG try to give users an edge with their clearer sound outputs. There are many types of monitors available for different consumers, so you need to do some homework to find out what will work best for you. Some of the best brands like Samsung, LG and ViewSonic focus on the LED-backlit panels, with the normal LCD panels being cheaper to run.

If you want to get the best performance from your LED-backlit Acer monitors, you should buy one from a premium brand like Samsung. These are proven to provide better contrast ratio and clearer images with their curved monitor designs. These models also have adjustable viewing angles that suit all kinds of work settings. In addition, Samsung has several popular gaming software that make gaming more enjoyable.

The curved LCD-based monitors offer great image quality for gamers. These models display up to seven hundred thousand pixels resolution, making them a great deal for serious gamers. They also have anti-glare functions to reduce eye strain and offer users real-time game play without the annoying effects of a computer monitor’s glare. These monitors offer fast response time and large display areas for multiple displays for multi-tasking and interactive entertainment. They have very high contrast ratio, resulting in clear and vibrant images.

While most people have seen good quality LCD monitors from Dell, Samsung, Sony and ViewSonic, those with an LED backlight are still new to the market. These brand name panels have an advanced technology that gives users a bright and crisp image quality that cannot be matched by regular LCD monitors. It is said that the light emitted from this kind of backlit panel can be seen at twice the brightness of normal LCD monitors. The advanced technology used in these monitors enables them to produce a clearer image with lesser power consumption.

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