What Is Purple drank Lean And How It Effects Legal Status?

Purple drank, also called purple drank lean and a couple of other names, is an illegal street drug beverage, made from mixing prescription cough syrup and some hard candy and then a soft drink. The original concoction originated in Houston, Texas, and is very popular among the hip hop or urban crowd or those who live in the southern United States. It can also be found in prisons and in houses of correction across the country, as well as many nursing homes and hospitals.

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There are various ways to ingest purple drank lean. It can be snorted like cocaine, popped (or splashed on) in a glass, or drank as a beverage. The first way is the easiest, least severe, and quickest way to ingest it. It can be snorted like normal cocaine, popped (or splashed on) in a glass, or drank as a beverage. Although there are some potent recreational drugs that cause heart attacks and strokes, purple drank does not and cannot cause these effects.

In spite of the dangers of purple drank, there are still a number of places where this product is sold and consumed. Some of the more affluent areas of the United States, such as Manhattan and Houston, have reputations for partying and drinking heavily. A lot of the younger people who party do so while using purple drank. These parties usually last until late at night, when police close down the bars for the night. Police will often warn parties not to go home until they have spent the night drinking and doing drugs.

Because it is illegal and potentially harmful to consume, it has become a problem when individuals who use it get caught. A search of records turns up thousands of searches where people were arrested for this drug, most of which were carried out by undercover cops posing as customers. Even the owner of a company who sells it may be arrested. In one case, a man was fired from his job after he was caught on suspicion of being addicted. He had been hired by a wholesale company because of his knowledge of lean. He faces up to twelve years in jail and has lost his job.

If you have been arrested for this drug, the first thing you should do is contact your lawyer and ask for legal advice. You should not answer questions about the circumstances of your arrest directly, especially when it concerns your right to remain silent. The police are required by law to remain silence, except when telling details about what happened during your arrest. If you have been smoking marijuana and are arrested, it is very important that you talk with your lawyer immediately, or your case could be dismissed. Some of the facts of your case could be wiped out if your lawyer doesn’t find out about them.

If you are caught with lean, you will be in serious trouble. If you are already high and arrested, it can cause permanent damage on your record, along with a huge fine. If you consume small amounts of drugs such as purple drank, you can avoid jail by entering a rehabilitation program. Through this program, you will be taught to keep away from drugs. Your legal status will not be affected, and your criminal record will be cleared.

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